Cannabis 101- Rules 4 Growing Weed+ E#1 Grow Boss Starts Smple Expalin Series

What do you think this Cannabis 101- Rules 4 Growing Weed+ E#1 Grow Boss Starts Smple Expalin Series video?

Cannabis 101- Rules 4 Growing Weed+ E#1 Grow Boss Starts Smple Expalin Series

am putting together a 10-Part, highly focused series of videos where I specifically teach you how to think about growing cannabis like i do. Because, if you just learn what “NOT TO DO” i promise you will have success.

(work in progress)
*- All light is heat
*- All bud is the same
*- All nutrients are made from the same minerals.
*- Nutrients are related to plant health only. They have nothing to do with yield
*- Yield is based on light and quality on grower talent
*- Plants want less when they are small and more when they are bigger
*- If all the magic happens at the end- then, by definition, the sooner you finish the less magic you get
*-You don’t need to know how to grow- all you have to do is not kill them for 12-weeks then harvest
*- You can’t speed up this process. It is what it is and there is nothing you can do about it but wait
*- It requires a certain amount of space to get a certain amount of yield. You can’t fit 2lbs where only 1lb will fit
* A 1000w worth of electricity will, on average, yield 1.5 lbs every 90-days or 0.5lbs per month
*- pH is irrelevant and pH lockout does not exist. You do however need to know ppms
*- Venting does not cool the garden unless the air coming in is cold
*- Venting your house AC or using a 1-duct AC is an automatic fail
*- CO2 pays for the AC
*- The longer the veg, the bigger the plants, the fewer you need
*- Plant count is based on veg times
*- Plant count is irrelevant- it’s about the canopy
*- Media grows are harvested based on quality. Hydro is harvested by weight
*- Your veg light must be at least half your flower light
*- When growing in hydro you must duplicate your flower in your veg
*- There is no perfect anything. No perfect humidity, temperature, nutrient, light, environment or anything else you think up
*- The correct amount of nutrients is the least possible, not the most
*- High humidity kills bugs but promotes molds and mildew. Low humidity kills molds and mildew but promotes bugs. That’s why you need both, each is the others opposite
*- of a kind of a size under a light

*- today’s problem stared last week

*. leave your plants the fuck alone. 12-weeks to them is 15 minutes to you.

*. you should be in a bucket so big and your light should be so far away that you only in your garden once a week.